Seven swords and nine foxes

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Chien Shih-yao held back. Lu Xianyou said with a dry smile, "You eight evil spirits are cruel enough.

Chien Shih-yao held back. Lu Xianyou said with a dry smile, "You eight evil spirits are cruel enough. The old crane has no deep hatred for you. Why should he kill his whole family?"? Seven swords and nine foxes don't take killing seriously, but there's no one like you! Duan Tianhua said with a smile, "It's the old crane's fault for being too nosy. It's none of his business that we kill people. He insisted on forbidding us to kill people and making a ten-year contract. That's why we tested him and killed all his family to see if he could resist killing people and if he would become as good at killing people as we are!" The Taoist Xuanhu Kongkong said with a smile, "But your old crane's cultivation is really good. Although you have been so greatly stimulated, you can still hold back. In the past ten years, it seems that nothing has happened. In order to respect your patience, the eight of us have waited for ten years in peace. Except for your family, we have never killed again. Finally, we are worthy of you!" Jiang Mengqiu's heart moved slightly, feeling that these people were called evil stars and acted viciously, but there was still a little idea of right and wrong in their hearts, and human nature had not yet completely disappeared. But the wise fox Fang Meiying gave a sneer and said, "Smelly cow nose, don't say it nicely. It's good for you to live in peace in the past ten years, but you may not be able to defend yourself. You're probably doing evil in the planning work of the Eight Evil Men in secret." Duan Tianhua grinned and said, "Miss Fang, you are the fox of foxes. Naturally, we can't hide our affairs from you. You said we were planning in secret.". We do not deny that we want to set up an organized portal. Naturally,plastic bulk containers, it is not a matter of words that can be done. Preparations are multifarious! It's not easy! Fang Meiying curled her lips and said, "There are so many foxes and foxes under you. Is that still a problem?"? I believe you have already organized, and today you dare to carry out the signboard of the Eight Evil Gate! Of course everything is ready! Duan Tianhua laughed and said, "Miss Fang has a clear mind and a wise eye. I don't have to hide it any more. The planning is almost done, but the name has not been decided yet. Because we still hope that a few more people will take part in it. One plus one, if we can make up sixteen evil spirits, then three dukes and one crane are not enough!" Then there was another burst of laughter,heavy duty plastic pallet, which echoed in the air and shook the walls. The birds in the trees were shaken to fly up from their nests and fell down one after another. It can be seen that he was full of Qi and strong in internal force, which also made the people on the top of the mountain turn pale slightly. Drunken Fox Lu Xianyou quietly hid himself beside Chien Shih-yao and said in a low voice, "Old Crane, it was you who made an appointment for these ten years. We've been idle for ten years, and we've raised these pestilence demons one by one. Today we just want to help you, but I'm afraid we're not strong enough. You can estimate how we're better than them. If you're not sure you're better than them, it's better to make other plans." Chien Shih-yao didn't seem to think that Duan Tianhua's skill had improved so much. His face became very ugly. He bowed his head and was speechless. But Fang Meiying quietly laughed and said, "Drunkard, you've been drinking too much yellow soup. You've lost your head. Duan Tianhua is the one who wins with ingenuity, but his skill is the worst. I don't believe he can reach the realm of sound shaking birds!" Although these words were whispered, they could still be heard by everyone because of the silence caused by the long laugh of the fox. "Miss Fang," said Duan Tianhua proudly, "I've been away for three days, spill plastic pallet ,plastic wheelie bins, so I should be impressed. Duan admits that he was not a useful person in those days, but in the past ten years, he has made some progress. What is the sound of shaking birds? If the other seven stunts of the Eight Evil Men are shaken out!" Without waiting for him to finish, Fang Meiying chuckled and said, "Duan Laoguai, I believe your ghost howl is a bit tricky, but at best it can only knock the bird out. It's reasonable to say that you should wake up now. Why is there still no movement?" These words not only show the accuracy of Fang Meiying's judgment, but also show the subtlety of her observation. The geese return to the peak and enter the cloud table. The birds perched on them are extremely strong. With the power of Duan Tianhua's smile, they can only be shocked to faint temporarily. But now for a while, none of the birds that have fallen to the ground have come to life and resumed their actions. A few crows have landed at their feet. At this moment, he still fell to the ground and seemed to be dead. When Duan Tianhua heard this, he was stunned. The empty Taoist bent down to pick up a crow and touched it. "Eh!" He said softly! There's still blood on him! l Fang Meiying giggled and said, "Duan Laoxie, I really want to congratulate you. I didn't expect that your skill could break your bowels in the air. No wonder you dare to speak wildly. It's not worth caring about the three dukes and one crane." Duan Tianhua's face was full of shame, and he ignored her sarcasm. He grabbed the crow corpse from the empty Taoist and fiddled with it for a while. Finally, he picked out a thin needle in the belly of the crow. Behind the needle, there was a section of black thread about a foot long. Holding the needle in his hand, he looked at it for a long time. Then he said in a deep voice, "Which one of you has a hard time with Duan?" It is obvious that those birds were killed by flying needles, but dozens of fallen birds, no life, it can be seen that they have received a needle, then the person who sent the needle is fast enough. This is not surprising, one crane, seven swords and nine foxes, including Jiang Mengqiu, who appeared for the first time, more than a dozen masters on the mountain, but no one noticed, which is shocking. Duan Tianhua knew that this move was clearly to undermine him. Naturally, there were seven companions in the Eight Evil Men who would not be interested in this kind of thing. Their eyes were only wandering on a few other people. They said with a sneer, "We are all good friends. It doesn't matter if we shave Duan's eyebrows. It's just that we don't have to be so sneaky. If we have the ability, we can show it again." Before he had finished speaking, he looked startled again, for the needle in his hand had disappeared, and as he spoke openly to people with the needle, everyone's eyes were fixed on him, and everyone only saw the needle suddenly disappear from his hand, and no one saw how it disappeared or where it went. As a result, Duan Tianhua's face was even worse. Other people do not know the whereabouts of the flying needle, just oversight, the needle in his hands, do not know how to lose,wholesale plastic pallet, that can be too humiliating. Duan Tianhua lost his life, and the other three foxes and four swords also felt that there was no light on their faces. Fire Sword Qin Ming had the most violent temper. He couldn't help blurting out: "Damn it, what kind of person is so sneaky and sneaky? Stand up if you have the guts." 。