The daughter of a famous family reborn

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Minghui and Li Shi had just left the door of the storehouse when a girl ran towards them in a hurry and said breathlessly

Minghui and Li Shi had just left the door of the storehouse when a girl ran towards them in a hurry and said breathlessly, "Madam Guogong, the princess, no, the princess fainted!" Grandmother fainted? Minghui's legs are weak. What's wrong? Why did the princess suddenly faint? Li Shi steadied Minghui and asked. The princess knows about her aunt. Minghui Xinru was grabbed by a hand and ran to her grandmother's yard with a hot eye. Chapter 61 Minghui ran away with her skirt. She had been practicing martial arts unremittingly all these years. Later, after being instructed by her master Song Yiyu, although she could not practice profound martial arts because of her aptitude, she also had a few skills. She rolled forward with her skirt like a gust of wind. When Mrs. Li Zhenguo heard the news and reacted, she didn't even catch the corner of Minghui's clothes. She ordered the two of them, borneol and cardamom, to say, "Hurry up, you two follow up quickly. Don't let anything happen to the princess." Borneol and cardamom immediately lifted their feet and followed them. Li Shi saw three people blink and disappear in front of his eyes, holding Yi's mother's hand and hurrying forward, while asking the girl, "How does the princess know?" The maid lowered her head and said, "I don't know." Just a girl running errands, presumably will not know the truth of the matter, Li glanced at the pressure of the mouth to the courtyard where Princess Anyang lived and walked quickly. This heart is very worried, the princess is old, this is stimulated. Li's hand holding Yi's mother's arm could not help tightening, but don't let anything happen! Counting,plastic pallet manufacturer, all the people in the mansion were banned. The princess mansion had the most rules. Since it was ordered, no one would pass half a word, and there was Xia Shu, the child, in front of him. Madam, the old lady of Weiyuan Hou sent someone to send something to the princess today. Mother Yi reminded me. Li Shi vomited blood, yes, the old lady of Weiyuan Hou sent someone to come over early in the morning, or let someone take her to the past. Li Shi wants to come to this Weiyuan Hou old lady to send over the person,plastic trash bins, nature is very capable old mother, this is very know the rules, of course, will not break the mouth. What a careless moment. They are thinking, such a big thing, is slowly told to the princess slowly, do not want to be exposed by outsiders today. Li Shi is very eager, very worried, wish oneself can also with niece Minghui general feet wind, own mother-in-law, Anyang princess's body although the body is good, but please the pulse of the doctor but said, the princess young injury, but there are hidden dangers, this is all right, euro plastic pallet ,plastic pallet box, once induced out, it is very worrying ah. Minghui ran very fast, and there was a whir of wind in her ears. Minghui felt that it was so far from the warehouse to the courtyard where her grandmother lived, the Crane Pine Garden, that it seemed endless ahead. The borneol and cardamom, who followed closely behind, did not dare to make a sound to stop Minghui. They just followed closely one after the other. Minghui clenched her hands tightly. The heart is very afraid, the heart silently said, grandmother, you can not have anything ah! Don't let anything happen. Minghui kept praying as she ran. Previous life, previous life, my grandmother's health is also very good, but in the early spring of next year, she will be ill, and then her health will go from bad to worse, and then she will die within two years. In this life, I was a person who studied medicine. Every time I saw my grandmother, I felt her pulse. Fortunately, the pulse condition was very stable. I also saw the prescription prescribed by the Imperial Physician for tonifying the body, and there was nothing wrong with it. Minghui thought that Huang's mother, Pinellia ternata, and Lilac had all changed the fate of their tragic death in the previous life. Because of her rebirth, her grandmother would certainly live a long life. However- Grandmother fainted. So, Minghui is very worried. Minghui felt guilty in her previous life. It was because of her willful actions that her grandmother left so early. After running for a while, Minghui suddenly stopped. Bingpian's skill is good. He has been following Minghui a few steps away. Minghui stopped his steps. Bingpian also stopped his steps and stretched out his hand to hold Minghui who was panting. "Princess." The cardamom who followed him also stopped. Minghui glanced up at the sun and said to Bingpian, "Bingpian, ride quickly to find my Elder Martial Brother and ask him to invite Shifu to the Princess Mansion." "Yes." Bingpian nodded and immediately ran in the direction of the stable. Only then did Minghui take the cardamom and run to the courtyard of Princess Anyang together. The maids in the courtyard of Princess Anyang did their best and did not mess up because of the princess's fainting. Yao stood nervously in front of the bed with a brocade handkerchief. Xia Shu, Xia Qiyu's wife Wang, Mammy Zeng and Pearl Jade all looked nervously at Princess Anyang lying on the bed. Ye Taiyi was sitting on a stool beside the bed, frowning to feel the pulse of Princess Anyang. An old mother dressed in dark blue knelt in the room and slapped herself with both hands, blaming herself and saying, "The old slave deserves to die, the old slave deserves to die." Minghui ran into the yard, ignoring the maids and women who paid their respects to her. He went directly to the main room of Princess Anyang and lifted his feet into the room. Minghui ignored the old mother kneeling on the ground and went over. "Aunt, how is grandma?" Xia Shu is a pale face, turned to see Minghui, immediately hugged Minghui, sobbed and said, "Minghui sister, it's all me, I didn't take good care of my grandmother." "Sister Shu." Minghui didn't know what to say, so she put her arms around her and looked at her grandmother on the bed. All right, Shuer, the doctor is watching. Your grandmother is all right. Yao stretched out his hand to pull Xia Shu, took the veil to wipe the tears on her face, and said, "Don't cry, your grandmother will be all right." "Mmm." Xia Shu nodded, but the tears came out again. Silly boy. Yao looked at his daughter crying like a tearful person, and he could not help but burst into tears. Wang Shi lowered his head and wiped his tears. Minghui looked closely at Princess Anyang on the bed. His eyes were closed,foldable bulk container, his face was pale, and he seemed to be asleep. However, Minghui clenched her fist in fear. The brocade quilt covering the grandmother's body can hardly be seen to rise and fall. Wise eyes looked at Ye Taiyi who felt the pulse.