Wu Song Wu Song

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Xing Tianer made the final decision, and no one questioned Xia Jie's opinion any more.

Xing Tianer made the final decision, and no one questioned Xia Jie's opinion any more. Even if it is Xing Tian, these old antiques, for the current head of the Xing Tian family, they still retain the unique etiquette and respect of the children of the aristocratic family. Xing Tian'er gave a gasp and then asked Xia Jie, "It's just, Xia Jie, is this really serious?"? Ben Gong has been busy replenishing troops and recruiting new troops in various military towns these days. Is there anything bad in the court? "Twenty thousand archers from Dongyi feinted to attack Huju Pass." Xia Jie said coldly. Ben Gong knows this thing. Or the public sent someone to ask you to deal with it. Xing Tian nodded his head. The king received three thousand beauties from Dongyi people as if it had never happened. Xia Jie said with a sneer, "In this way, the majesty of my Daxia, the prestige that my Daxia had re-established by inflicting heavy losses on the Dongyi people in the Catching Gorge, has been lightly thrown out by Your Majesty." Xia Jie said lightly, "As soon as the majesty of Daxia is gone, and Daxia's demands on all vassal States are becoming more and more harsh, the people are seething with discontent, and the world is in chaos.". Master, elders, elder brother, brothers, do not forget that day for the town of the tower, is already the world turmoil,deep draw stamping, even the northwest Hou such a big vassal, have rebelled. The situation today is even more dangerous than it was then. Motioned to the side of Xing Tianpan, Xing Tianyi brothers in the middle of the chamber of secrets on the floor spread out a vast map of the territory of Daxia, Xia Jie casually dropped a dagger on the map, firmly in the west of Daxia originally belonged to the territory of the sea people. The sea people have defected, and I, Daxia, have never really defeated the sea people. They had surrendered to us,Stainless steel foundry, and we were on guard against them, but because of the king's relationship, the sea people still got great benefits. Now they were fully fledged, they had everything they could think of, and they ran away. As soon as the sea people leave, the West oscillates. I Daxia, while suppressing my own rebellion, can I still have the strength to deal with the sea people? Xia Jie said in a cold voice, "Especially with the support of Your Majesty, they got all kinds of materials they dreamed of, and transformed their soldiers into sea people who can compete with our low tripod witches and even high tripod witches." "King Pan Geng of the barbarian kingdom has been forced to swear a vicious blood oath. As long as he is still the king of the barbarian kingdom, he will not pose a threat to Daxia," said Xia Jie. The barbarian country is now unable to disturb Daxia any more. Xing Tian'e and the others relaxed a little, but Xia Jie said with a sneer, non standard fasteners ,DIN screw plug, "And the Dongyi people, now that they have begun to test my reaction to Daxia, when I rebel everywhere in Daxia, let's wait and see.". How many losses did the Dongyi people suffer in the first World War? They will not hesitate to return it to us. There is no good friendship between Daxia and Dongyi. "What are you afraid of?" Cried Xing Tianfeng? How much to come, how much to kill. Xing Tian'er slapped him in the face and whipped him out. "Fart!" He roared! Go kneel outside the door! When you figure it out, when you roll in! After scolding Xing Tian Feng, Xing Tian Er said with a wry smile, "Speaking of it, Your Majesty's changes today have something to do with my husband.". Had it not been for Ben Gong forcing him too much that day, Huaying would have done too much, and the king would not have become like this. Xing Tianer naturally knew that Xia Jie had ordered Xing Tianfeng and his brothers to go to the palace to inquire about the news. He also felt that he had gone a little too far, but at that special moment, the temptation of Xing Tianjia to grasp the government and become the first family in Daxia was too great. Xing Tianyi laughed sullenly. "Why don't we just change a king?" He said with a smirk to the elders who were several generations older than him? Lu Gui is now like this, hey, keep him is also a scourge, it is better to simply kill him, elected by my Xing Tian family.. "This could have been done before the Battle of Heaven, but not now!" Xia Jie interrupted Xing Tian's words: "At that time, Xing Tian's family had enough military strength to deter the people of the world, but now.." Shaking his head, Xia Jie said with a wry smile, "Now the army controlled by the Xing Tian family is barely enough to maintain the rule of Daxia in the mainland. It's a bit too much to deal with the rebellion that is bound to come from those vassal States.". In addition to the threat of the sea people, especially Princess Bai and the rebellious Zhongtian Yi Hao also colluded with the sea people. If anything happens to Lu Gui now, the Xing Tian family will surely become the target of public criticism. Xing Tian'er nodded his head. He sighed lightly, "Bai is the blood of the late king. Zhong Tian Yi Hao also has a trace of royal blood. In addition, his bloodline is also orthodox in Daxia.". If they had intended to do so, they would have given birth to a baby, but they were also qualified to take over the throne. And I, Xing Tian Jia, change a king. Hum, Daxia immediately fell apart, you and I are the sinners of Daxia. There was a terrible silence in the chamber of secrets, and a big cold sweat ran down the faces of the Xing Tian family, and no one could say a word. Xia Jie smiled faintly, a little prophetic. He sighed leisurely and said, "Therefore, we should concentrate on reorganizing the army and preparing for war. We should also try our best to preserve the bones and blood of the Xing Tian family.". Yunmeng Daze is a good place with excellent geomantic omen. In the future, no matter how big the turbulence is, it will not affect the other side. There are more than ten thousand Xing Tian family members there, enough to live and multiply. Yunmeng Daze is a good place. Xia Jie is 78% sure that there will be no big war there. It is also a good place for the witches to keep a chance of survival. He raised his head and sighed leisurely, "Those clansmen can't be said to be members of the Xing Tian family.". Well, they call themselves Chu. Chu Wu clan, what a good name. With a sense of banter, with a sense of fun and boredom, Xia Jie gave a meaningful name to the small tribe of Xing Tian's family. Yunmeng Daze is a member of the Chu Wu clan. Several years later, in that mysterious land, the Chu State,Steel investment casting, which played the last elegy of witchcraft culture, was their descendant? The secret conversation between Xia Jie and Xing Tian's family continued, and the dialogue of similar nature appeared in the secret room of Shen Gong's family at the same time. autoparts-dx.com