White Bone Order-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Come up quickly!" She called from the porch and her voice was still so soft and beautiful As a result the woman appeared

"Come up quickly!" She called from the porch and her voice was still so soft and beautiful As a result the woman appeared with a gorgeous face in the shape of melon seeds winking eyes thin and curved eyebrows beating with a charming charm There was a strange light in her eyes and a faint smile on her lips a smile that made people move and pity You must be hurt "Come up" she said stretching out her hand and making a gesture of holding him up to the porch "I'll hide you even if I risk my life" Wei Qianli was completely confused and now he Catalystsa recognized that the charming beauty was Wang Ruolan the wife of Dong yuanren who was chasing the soul in seven steps She seemed a little older than she had been three years ago but her beauty was more intoxicating Even if he thought about it for three days and three nights he could not understand why this beautiful young woman could say such affectionate words to herself and it was so sincere and sincere This made him walk slowly up the steps in spite of himself and finally reach the porch He really couldn't bear to disobey her request Wang Ruolan walked over with fine steps and the gold hairpin on her head shone under the lamp She did not seem to notice what he looked like for her eyes except that they had moved to his waist had been so passionately fixed on his face that they seemed to be trying to find the answer she wanted in his face and eyes Wei Qianli felt very moved convinced that she wanted to be good to him although he did not know why so his eyes showed naked gratitude Wang Ruolan stretched out her hand took him by the arm and walked straight into the room Wei Qianli was immediately dazzled by the magnificent decoration of the room and in all his memories of his life he had never been to such a rich and beautiful room so he seemed very confused and dull Without stopping Wang Ruolan led him into another room The room was not so splendidly furnished but it had a more comfortable atmosphere My room is next door She said pointing to the wall This is one of the two suites where Ziqin lives Now you have to be wronged Wei Qianli of course didn't know that Ziqin was her maid He thought to himself "This room still says I'm wronged I'm afraid I'm not lucky enough" She played with him on the bed in all seriousness The soft quilt like the fragrance of orchid and musk deer made Wei Qianli flustered and did not know how to sleep on the bed Wang Ruolan asked him again about his injuries and the person who hurt him and Wei Qianli answered timidly When she heard that it was Ouyang Kun she was very angry and said "I will certainly vent my anger for you" Then somehow Wang Ruolan was lying beside him snuggling up to him At this time Wei Qianli's soul was in a state of turmoil as if there had been a big storm He wanted to shout and tell her that he was not the one she wanted to miss because he had never said a word to her or even tried to glance at her He knew that she had a thousand strands of tenderness a cavity of honey completely to another person but did not know how to entangle him It was a mystery that could never be solved Chemicals Suppliers and he began to feel pain Fortunately she soon got up looked at him with her loving eyes and whispered "Now I must stay outside so as not to" She paused for a moment knowing that he understood what she meant and continued "But you must not leave secretly Do you promise me" Wei Qianli was just thinking about it so he couldn't answer for a moment and looked at her in embarrassment He was astonished at the sight of her tears Tears sparkled under the lamp and she slowly raised her sleeve to wipe them away I know I don't deserve you but I can't help it I can't blame myself can I Wei Qianli was stunned for a moment by her bitter and self-pitying voice In his mind she was an unattainable person from another world but she said such self-pity words in her own mouth which was really difficult for him to understand Ah not like this not like this Yes you don't have to hide from me anymore I see a light in your eyes that I can't understand ” She slowly turned and walked out of the room When she reached the door she took off the curtain and turned around "Anyway please don't run away secretly I'm not just thinking about myself" She smiled sadly and went out Wei Qianli was stunned Now he had forgotten the idea of leaving secretly From her he found one thing that is no matter in any corner of the world pain always exists Of course the meaning of the so-called concept of pain here is quite general All of a sudden the thoughts in my heart were surging and many fragmentary pieces of life were scrambling to come to my mind Since he escaped from the elm village he met the strange man in the chaotic mountains Shangguan Chi one of the three heroes of the White Bone Gate so he got the secret book of the White Bone Gate He once fainted because he had been seized by Shangguanchi the king who had seized Adhesives the soul When he woke up the sky was full of stars and a crescent moon was hanging on the top of a towering mountain He broke out in a cold sweat as he recalled meeting the strange man His eyes were wide open and he dared not move So after a long time for a long time there is no sound around not even the cry of the beast probably these years early to seize the soul Lang Jun Shangguan pool with what means to kill fear all hide far away He did not dare to move but he was very anxious He had wet his pants earlier but now it was not easy to sprinkle them in his pants again So when he could not hold back he struggled to sit up Half of his body was not very useful but he had no time to pay attention and looked around quickly Just a few feet away from him there was a man in a very strange posture cross-legged with his knees stiffly propped on the ground his upper body bent down on the ground his arms stretched forward and one of his hands was deep in the mud Wei Qianli was so frightened that he almost lay down He only had to take a look and knew that the man with the strange posture was Shangguanchi the soul-snatching man Fortunately he fainted but before he was dying Shangguanchi wanted to struggle and climb over to see if he was dead and then he could die at ease globalchemmall.com