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A week before Han Feng won the Elite Medal, people came to him almost every day to talk about his future work. Han Feng was so annoyed that he didn't dare to stay in the dormitory. Fortunately, he had told other people in the dormitory that he was not allowed to leak his phone number, otherwise he wouldn't even dare to open the phone. Han Feng's attitude, those companies after a wall also clear, since he is not willing, they reluctantly also useless, so Han Feng's life soon calmed down again. -Uncle, what do you want from me this time? First of all, if it's a dance or something, you don't have to mention it. I'm not interested in these boring activities. Han Feng came straight to the point. Yang Cheng said with a straight face, "Xiao Feng, don't look down upon these dances. Although they are boring, they are indispensable in social life. A lot of business is done in such boring dances. If you want to develop in business in the future, you should change your temper." Han Feng nodded thoughtfully: "Thank you, uncle. I will pay attention to it later." "Haha, of course, if your strength is strong enough, you can completely ignore it, only others come to curry favor with you, and it doesn't matter whether you dump them or not." Patted Han Feng on the shoulder, Yang Cheng encouraged, "Xiao Feng, do a good job,electronic board for classroom, I am very optimistic about you!" Said a long time, Yang Cheng finally said today's business: "The old man wants to see you." Grandpa? Han Feng didn't react for a moment. Han Feng: "Which old man?" "Who else, my dad?"! Get in the car. Yang Cheng urged. For this grandfather, Han Feng has no impression, only know that his name is Yang Xinglin. After getting on the bus, Han Feng asked, "Do you know what specific things he is looking for me?" "I don't know about that either. The old man always has his own opinions and never says anything to us in advance." Yang Cheng turned to look at Han Feng and saw that the expression on his face was still indifferent. He continued, "I guess this time I'm looking for you,touch screen board classroom, it shouldn't be because of your marriage, but because of other things. You don't have to worry too much.". In fact, the old man is still very loving to the younger generation, just a little serious, you just follow his wishes when the time comes, do not make any temper. Yang Cheng has been talking all the way, talking about his father Yang Xinglin's temper habits and hobbies, explaining what Han Feng can say, what he can't say, and what he should pay attention to. And Han Feng, from the beginning to the end, just listened quietly, neither nodding nor shaking his head. Finally to meet with one of them, Han Feng did not have any psychological preparation before, but what is there to prepare for? Han Feng has a serious lack of affection for the two elders who have never met, even if they do not meet for a lifetime and do not intersect, it does not matter to him. But now that we are going to meet, 86 smart board ,smart board for conference room, we should do what we should do, and he did not deliberately avoid it. What should come will come, and it is useless to escape. Compared with the modern luxury of the Yang family mansion where I went to the dance party last time, this Yang family mansion seems a little too primitive and old. The architectural style here is still in the last century, revealing an old meaning everywhere: the small stone road covered with moss, the small flower circles planted with all kinds of flowers and plants, the dilapidated plum blossom pavilion.. Unexpectedly, in the city of Beijing, there is still such a quiet and elegant environment, Han Feng is a little surprised. This house has a history of more than 60 years. It is the ancestral home, and the old man has always refused to demolish it. We seldom go home when we are young. He is lonely alone. He is usually idle. When he has nothing to do, he plays with flowers and plants, plays chess and raises poplar birds. If you have time, you can come and accompany him. After Yang Cheng led Han Feng to the living room, he said to him, "You sit here first, and I'll go back." With that, Yang Cheng left. Han Feng looked at the so-called living room. In fact, it was almost the same as the hall in the countryside. It was not big. On the wall facing the door, there was a portrait of Chairman Mao. On both sides were a pair of couplets. The first couplet was "The world, our world, who we don't say", and the second couplet was "The country, our country, who we don't do". Han Feng waited here for about ten minutes, but Yang Cheng still didn't come back. There was a smell of rotten wood in the living room. Although it was very light, Han Feng could smell it clearly. So he walked out of the living room and came to the little flower circle in front of him to breathe fresh air. As soon as he arrived at Huayuan, Han Feng suddenly heard footsteps behind him. Then he heard someone say, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" Turning around, he saw a young man about his age standing seven or eight meters away from him, looking at him warily. He was wearing only a black vest, and he could see that his muscles were well-proportioned and full of explosive power. Before Han Feng could answer, he added, "This is a private place. You can't come in at will. Get out quickly!" His tone was so impolite that he almost shouted at the end. Han Feng frowned, glanced at him, and ignored him. Han Feng's disregard, apparently fired the other side, he walked up quickly, came to the front of Han Feng, drink: "Hey, are you dumb?" Han Feng continued to ignore. The young man was angry and stretched out his right hand to push Han Feng's right shoulder. Han Feng's body swung slightly, just to avoid his push, when the other side rushed forward due to inertia, Han Feng stretched out his right leg at the same time, tripped him to the front of a stagger, almost fell to the ground. Chapter 86-Inner Masters. After the young man stabilized his figure, he did not rush to fight back against Han Feng. Instead, he looked at Han Feng with a look on his face. Then he said, "Who are you looking for?"? Who brought you in? Originally thought that this guy is the kind of well-developed limbs, simple-minded people, but did not expect the brain is quite flexible, after being tripped,touch screen interactive whiteboard, he did not immediately jump up to fight, but asked such words, Han Feng was slightly surprised at his performance. Yang Cheng. Han Feng said.

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