Good words and freehand brushwork (book edition)

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Good words and freehand brushwork (book edition)Good words and freehand brushwork (book edition)

After a while, the car was not the usual route home, and it stopped at the roadside halfway. Li Zeliang told her to put on a thick long coat, hat, scarf, tightly wrapped, and then pulled her out of the car and turned into the subway station. Freehand brushwork follows in the back, busy ask: "Why to take subway?" "The car broke down." "Shall we take a taxi?" "I want to take the subway." "But." I really don't want to hit this unworldly man. It's eleven o'clock now. "The subway will be closed soon." "Then what are you doing? Hurry up and go." He gave the order. The two men hurried down to the subway station. The staff at the entrance were still there. Sure enough, they confiscated the car and urged them to hurry up. There were few people inside, and a few people were waiting for the last train. As soon as they stood still, they heard a sound in the tunnel, and then a subway train gradually stopped in front of them, and the door opened. Li Zeliang led her up. There were very few people, and besides them, there were two young people sitting at the other end of the carriage chatting, as if they were lovers. As soon as she casually looked up and saw the route map on the carriage, she suddenly realized that this was the place where she broke up with Li Zeliang last time. It's just that the route is just coming back. At that time, the ring was returned to him, but he did not accept it. In the upside-down, no one gave in, and finally the ring fell to the ground. The subway moves slowly. Two people stand like this, three steps away, you look at me, I look at you. The subway left the platform and gradually entered the darkness. The scene seemed to overlap again. In the same carriage with few passengers, they stood together like this. He pulled her back here again, as if she had a premonition of something. He said, "The first time I saw you was in the subway. At that time, you were so small that you had two pigtails.". The second time, you were separated from me in this place, and you left without looking back. When Li Zeliang spoke, the train also shuttled rapidly through the underpass of the city, feeling at that moment not to go to the next station, but to take her and him through time and space, back to a certain day in a young year. The third time we came back. This is the last time we sat on the same line, similar carriages, similar places, but the direction of coming and going is opposite. I want to go back with you along this road. Now He paused and pulled a shiny ring from his pocket. "Now let's do it again." At this point, Li Zeliang looked very cautious and knelt down on one knee. He stared at her carefully and said clearly, "Freehand brushwork, will you marry me?" Freehand brushwork this time is really surprised, stay for a few seconds before the brain began to restore function, more than a decade of the past suddenly came to mind, the scenes of the fragments flashing in the mind. At the sports meeting, she suddenly rushed up to him and shouted, pietra gray marble ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "Come on, Li Nanyan!" In the classroom, he passes scrip to say to her: Classmate, your skirt is worn inside out; In the winter vacation of ice and snow, she pestered him to go home in the library; He reviewed her lessons for her, but she acted like a spoiled child to him; When he ran away from home to seek refuge with him in the third year of high school, he scolded her with a straight face and took good care of her; Before he studied abroad, she ran back from the train and cheekily cried to him; In the snow of Petersburg, she asked him for warmth with timidity and held hands for the first time. Do not know from which fragment, which dialogue began, as if under a magic spell, a knot in her and his heart, and eventually the two lives are firmly locked together. The figure in the white shirt in my memory has changed from a gloomy and reserved teenager to a mature and silent man. Occasionally gentle smile, the right lip angle first slightly up, drive that pair of pale eyes slightly squint together with a smile. She liked to look into his eyes and smile, growing up. Among millions of people, he would only smile at her like this, and he would only have an angry expression on her. So many things are exclusive to her. Now the green between his eyes has faded, but the heart that loves her is more and more indestructible. They almost missed such a love. With a smile on his face and tears in the corner of his eyes, he said slowly, "I do.". ” From his eyes, she saw her face full of tears but happiness, and she could not help repeating: "Ah Yan, I do." Really? Yes. She wants to be with him for the rest of her life. If the ceremony ends here, it's just right, waiting for the prince and princess to kiss each other affectionately. But do not think Li Zeliang just want to stand up, only to hear freehand brushwork cry out: "Right, a Yan, you do not move." Then desperately rummaging through the cell phone in the bag. What are you doing with your cell phone at this time? He frowned. She turned her handbag upside down, found her phone and immediately turned on the camera and said, "Say what you just said, starting from the first time you saw me. I want to take a picture as a souvenir." His face was full of helplessness, his eyebrows twitched a few times, he suddenly stood up and grabbed the mobile phone, then hung his head and kissed her, which included spoiling and vicious punishment. Remember, you proposed first, and don't blame me later, saying that I want to marry you shamelessly. As she kissed, she did not forget to clarify the question first. Uh Li Zeliang was a little dissatisfied. He kissed her like this, and she was distracted. But you won't let me take the evidence. What if you turn against me in the future? "When the time comes, you will be desperate not to marry me." Li Zeliang kindly gave her an idea. However, after hearing this, he hurriedly shook his head like a rattle and immediately said, "No, no, no. That's a big loss for me." (6) After returning home,Pietra Gray Marble, I saw the diamond ring in the lamplight and asked strangely, "This is not the last one." The styles are different. Well, is it? He was careless with her. What about the old one? "I threw it away." Freehand brushwork is dumb.