Tian Wu Ji 4 · Bury Snow-Bu Fei Yan _ txt Novel Paradise

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Tian Wu Ji 4 · Bury Snow-Bu Fei Yan _ txt Novel ParadiseTian Wu Ji 4 · Bury Snow-Bu Fei Yan _ txt Novel Paradise

She gently placed the gorgeous dress on the jade seat. It was a beautiful dress that all princesses envied, and it matched the warm jade seat just right. She's the one who doesn't deserve it. It's just her. She sneered. She was dressed in the clothes of snow, which would change with her mood. That is the snow demon's duty, is the clothes she should wear. She took one last look at the jade seat, and suddenly there was a trace of melancholy in her heart. If she left, what would the blue devil think? What will happen to the love he wants to protect at the expense of both spirit and form? Will it all crumble? The corners of her mouth slowly raised a sneer, and the sharp pleasure stung her heart. She turned her head and ran out. Su Youlian suddenly stopped and could not help giving out a short exclamation. A touch of pale blue lay across her face. The blue fiend, with a deep frown, stood before her. You're leaving? He asked calmly. Su Youlian bit his lip tightly. Are you finally willing to show up? Is he aware that his love will be broken? Her heart was sneering softly. But on her face, there was a gorgeous smile. The snow dress on her body became extremely dazzling and brilliant, more beautiful than the princess skirt. Yeah, I'm gonna go. Because I found my husband. Yes, Lang Jun, this word,sonicator homogenizer, she has not called for a long time. A trace of sadness rose in her heart. At this moment, she suddenly felt a little sorry for Shi Xingyu and Li Xuan. She was suddenly disgusted with herself, because her love was not as pure and loyal as she had imagined. After all, she had been so intoxicated with the love of the king, hoping to receive the wrong gift of fate and devote herself to the legend of others. Until now,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the shaken heart is still twitching gently. But fortunately, finally is to accompany Li Xuan to die together. After her death, the hesitation she had or still has is just the dregs of a memory, which will soon disappear from the world. She looked up quietly at the blue devil. Will you be sad then? Grieve for whom? The smile on the snow demon's face was so gorgeous that it was like a rose full of thorns. Lang Jun? The pale blue figure trembled. The eyes are so far away, can contain the whole world, but can not contain a love. He is the king of the world, but love is not his subject. "If I can save him.." he said lightly. Su Youlian's heart suddenly contracted. What did you say She took a quick step and almost clung to the devil. Is this the fervor of love? The demon king looked at her eyes, and his heart was infinitely disordered. He closed his eyes gently and was silent for a moment. He was thinking of her flying with him between heaven and earth on nine white wings. For many years, she had followed him, bearing the sharpness of his sword. Think back to the scenes he failed her. Now, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, it's her turn to hurt him. If it could make up for the pain she had suffered, he was willing to bear it. If this bitterness is the taste of love, then he would rather use his life to savor it. But I can't let go. Even if she had only one in ten thousand of the soul of Jiulinger, he would never give up. Even if the soul was so weak, so weak that it could not be perceived at all, he would keep her by his side and protect her forever. I would rather wait for the faintest hope with the greatest piety, and bear the pain in my heart again and again. Never let go. He opened his eyes and stared at her deeply. "I can save him, but on one condition.." "Marry me." "I want you to go back to the peak of the Forbidden Heaven and be my queen, and never leave again." He gazed at her, little by little, as her eager eyes suddenly turned cold. His heart is sinking, too. Linger, don't you love me? The heart of the snow demon suddenly became cold. What am I? Under the snowy sky, didn't you say that you would never exchange with others? And why would you trade me? Aren't you the king? Why don't you plunder me? And you trade me around? Just because I'm not Jiuling? Do you despise me like that? Su Youlian suddenly smiled. It was a very charming and gorgeous smile. She gently showed her face, with the enchanting of Jiuling, and walked up to him again. The former dust phantoms came up to him together. The blue demon king could not help but close his eyes, and the heart that could not be destroyed by a hundred plagues dared not bear the infatuation of this moment. Linger. His body suddenly trembled, and a sweet kiss touched his lips. Like the dew in the morning, and like the dream of three lives. There is no trace. With the same smile as the nine spirits, she gently snuggled up to him and asked every word: Do you love me? "Love Linger?" The blue devil can't answer. How can you not love? That is the sustenance of my life. She suddenly pushed him away, her voice cold. Give me the antidote, I promise you! The dream of three lives is suddenly broken. The demon king opened his eyes in amazement, only to see the silent pale face of the snow demon, with a broken, hurtful smile, staring at him quietly. Every second is a Ling Chi. But he said nothing more and held out his wrist slowly. A scar appeared on his wrist out of thin air, and blood dripped down. A bottle of ice jade caught the gurgling blood. It was the blood of the Dragon Emperor, the essence of his practice for so many years. Every drop is closely related to his majesty. The jade bottle was gradually filled, and the demon king's face was a little pale. He did not say anything, but put the jade bottle gently into her hand. Then he went to the jade seat and sat down quietly. He picked up the beautiful dress and seemed to be waiting for her to come back and put it on with his own hands. After that, they kept their promises and never separated. Never part. Su Youlian grasped the jade bottle and held it tightly. With a smile on her face, a sweet smile,ultrasonic molten metal, she bowed shallowly to the demon king and walked out of the temple. She has all the manners, all the gentleness. She is as elegant as a princess. As she left, she thought coldly:. fycgsonic.com