The moon is full.

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I will support it! "Do what you want to do, what you want to do, and I will do everything."

Huai yuan looked up at Fu Shuangru, without the slightest hesitation in her eyes, but she followed his words back. I was thinking.. Should I go or not. Huaiyou's hand under the quilt twitched slightly, but both of them pretended to be unconscious and continued to discuss Huaiyuan's "entanglement" in "distress". Fu Shuangru went on very cooperatively. To what? What should or shouldn't? Huai yuan turned her head very slowly and looked at the rustling scene in the courtyard outside the wooden window, slowly spitting out the long-depressed problems in her heart. Should I.. Just send the Buddha to the West, and then help Sister Ran. The meaning of the fifth aunt. Do you understand? The words seemed to contain endless sadness and hesitation, but the speaker looked indifferent. Fu Shuangru really didn't see what the fifth wife meant before. But Huai yuan's words were not meant for him, as long as the one lying down could understand them. At this point, the seven-point holiday also contained three points of truth, and Huaiyuan could not tell whether she was playing to Huaiyou or really wanted to find Fu Shuangru to help analyze it. Five aunts did not come over at the first time when Youjie fainted, nor did they come over after seeing Ran off, but they came over at that time. "She should have guessed in her heart that Sister Youyou would not be a big problem, and rushed over, most likely looking for me." Fu Shuangru's face sank. The author has something to say: Thanks for the deep water food mine, thanks for the little angel, pen core (~ 3 ~) Chapter 64 grace and righteousness. At this time to find Huai yuan,Magnesium Oxide price, must be Huai Ran's three than have to ask for her. Although it is not incomprehensible, but really when you sister is still dizzy to reveal this meaning, so that you can see how Huai yuan's heart is feeling. For the first time, Fu Shuangru was a little more dissatisfied with the elders of Yue Fu. Huai yuan saw what he meant and shook her head to appease him: "Auntie Wu naturally won't rashly make a request before Sister You has settled down." "As a person, she must want to help me settle down first and then let me help." "Maybe it's all because I'm too sensitive to think about it." There's no fixed number yet, and you're not in a hurry to convict him. Fu Shuangru was noncommittal. He really didn't know much about the fifth wife, but he was confident that he knew his wife. Huai yuan is not an aimless person. Fu Shuangru was puzzled: "So,Magnesium Oxide MgO, how does the fifth wife want you to help her?" Is there anything you have to do in the name of Huai yuan? Huai yuan pursed her lips, showing a bit of entanglement. In the final analysis, this kind of thing, do not look down on what, as long as the parties themselves do not mind. To put it nicely, it is not necessarily the embodiment of sisterhood. But now, after all, she is not only the five girls in the four rooms of her mother-in-law, but also the wife of Fu Shuangru. She doesn't mind being said behind her back, but she doesn't want to let Fu Shuangru be criticized by her colleagues for her own sake. This matter, really want to ask Fu Shuangru's opinion. Huai yuan turned and looked directly at Fu Shuangru and said with a straight face. The fifth aunt was afraid that if I could play to save the emergency, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, it would be the most suitable and the best. Huai yuan took a breath, summoned up the courage to point out directly without bending, and asked Fu Shuangru. The dance music used by Sister Ran is somewhat unique. It was originally a fragment of the score given to me by my aunt, and it was also completed by me. "But in order to be able to line up for the dance, and then to make up for the change in many places, even if it is a few days ago had accompanied her with the song, now suddenly save the scene is also difficult to guarantee that there will be no mistakes." "In terms of skill, I am really the most suitable." "Even if I don't mind taking this job, in terms of affection and kindness, since the fifth aunt has moved this idea, I am duty-bound." "But after all, I'm hiding to do something that should be done by a woman, you." Will you be ashamed of it? Fu Shuangru stared at her and kept silent for a long time. Huai yuan's heart sank slowly. Had it not been for the sincere feelings she had just spoken, had it not been for Fu Shuangru's understanding of the characteristics of the unconscious slight twitch of her right ring finger when she was nervous, had it not. Fu Shuangru looked at Huai yuan Mingming disappointed and sad to the extreme and forced to pretend to be light, suddenly felt a burst of irrepressible anger. This anger is not only to oneself, but also to some imaginary people who can not tell which one. Fu Shuangru slowly raised his hand and gently stroked Huaiyuan's head, trying to maintain his usual gentleness. Why do I think.. What's going on in your little head? Fu Shuangru tried to disguise himself as a man who did not know whether to laugh or cry, but his eyes revealed some deep pain. He suppressed a slight sob in his throat and solemnly announced to Huai yuan. No matter what you do, as long as you want, I will support it! "Do what you want to do, what you want to do, and I will do everything." Fu Shuangru thought sadly that he was still too weak. It doesn't give her a sense of security. Huai yuan's eyes filled with a layer of mist, she felt a warm current with Fu Shuangru's words, rising from the bottom of her heart to the chest. Very gentle, very comfortable, just like Fu Shuangru gave her the same feeling. Huai yuan did not want to let Fu Shuangru aware of his tears, today in front of Fu Shuangru tears so many times that she was embarrassed, simply on the current posture, slowly put his head on the chest of Fu shuangru. Without saying a word, he willfully reached around his waist and hugged him, as if he had hugged his own sky. Fu Shuangru gazed down at the top of Huaiyuan's head, kissed her hair gently, and was about to open his mouth when he was shocked by an earth-shaking bang. Fu and Yue both got up and looked back, only to see Huaiyou suddenly get out of bed, because he got up too hard, his head hit a solid wood bedpost next to him. There was a blush on Huaiyou's forehead, and there was a swelling visible to the naked eye between the blush on her forehead,Magnesium Sulphate price, but she seemed to know nothing about it, and only shouted at Huaiyuan with red eyes. I don't agree! I don't support it! "Why only talk about affection and piano skills?"! I don't want to hear this mess! "I only know that in terms of identity, you are the last one to go!" 。