A poor scholar of the top grade

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Don't bother us." As soon as they entered the thatched cottage, they saw that the windows were bright and clean

Liu Shangzhi raised his diamond-shaped eyes and said, "That's ridiculous. The beauty of this place will be after the peach blossoms bloom in March next year. Otherwise, who will rent you for 1,600 yuan? It's just a few broken thatched cottages!" Old farmer listens, service road did not rent, the manner is firm. "It's still worth it," said Chen Caozhi. "Let's rent this year's. We'll go back before the New Year. I'm afraid we'll live in the city next year. When the peach blossoms are blooming, we'll make an appointment to visit here." "You don't have to spend any money," interrupted Ran Sheng. Liu Shangzhi laughed and thought about it, so he asked Alin to pay a month's rent in advance, and they would move here tomorrow. This old farmer looks simple and honest, in fact, cunning, see Liu Shangzhi agreed to rent only to the year before, secretly pleased, received money, said he would be here early tomorrow morning, waiting for Liu Shangzhi to move over. Both Xu Miao and Chen Caozhi praised the seclusion of the thatched cottage in the peach grove and the good taste of reading. Liu Shangzhi said happily, "Reading is one of them. We also have a place to get together and talk. Otherwise, we don't know where to go on the day off from school. This Alin is also good at cooking. Tomorrow is the day off from school. Zizhong and Xianmin, you two come here to have a few drinks and talk about art papers. Isn't it nice?" Liu Shangzhi took his two servants back to the city for dinner, and at night he had to take an oxcart to listen to Dr. Xu's lecture on Chuang Tzu. He went back and forth three times a day, adding up to a journey of more than forty miles. It was really hard. Tomorrow it would be easy to move to a small house in the peach grove behind the mountain. After teaching at night, Chen Caozhi accompanied Liu Shangzhi to walk by the lake, watched him get on the oxcart,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and then slowly walked back to the thatched cottage. Xu Miao was already sitting there reading. Chen Caozhi did not say much. He sat down at the neighbor's table and began to copy books. Young people have a competitive heart, Xu Miao admire Chen Caozhi, but also have the meaning of competition with Chen Caozhi, Chen Caozi copy books, read to midnight, Xu Miao also hands, study hard. Chen Caozhi remembered the advice of his mother and sister-in-law and dared not stay up too late. At the beginning of the day, he collected books, washed and stopped writing,304 stainless steel wire, washed and rested. Listening to Xu Miao in the compartment, he almost slept at the same time. He could not help smiling. He felt Xu Miao's friendship, and Xu's father and son gave him a warm and peaceful feeling at home. It was really a wonderful thing to study in such an environment. Chen Caozhi used to go to bed late and get up early, the next day after getting up and don't wash, first run around the small mirror lake, RanSheng, to follow him to run, the small mirror lake south bank of the wooden building has a collection, Shangyu several cremation children live, get up early collection He's childe is leaning against the window by the railing to enjoy the lake and mountain scenery, see Chen Caozhi master and servant you chase me to run, greatly surprised, then laugh, Called the names of several other cremation children, let them all come to see strange things. Mr. He said with a smile, "This Chen Caozhi is really extraordinary. No wonder Dr. Xu values him. He never forgets to hone his physique when he studies Confucianism here. Even if he fails to study Confucianism, he can still farm at home with his strong body. He can advance Confucianism and retreat agriculture. Chen Caozhi can advance and retreat freely." The children of the other cremation laughed, pointing at Chen Caozhi's master and servant, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, laughing and teasing. Ran Sheng said angrily, "How dare these wasters make fun of us? I'll go and bring down their wooden building at night!" Chen Caozhi said, "Xiao Sheng, don't act foolishly. Let them laugh. These people are like the frogs at the bottom of the well in Chuang Tzu's Autumn Water. They think that the sky is only as big as the mouth of the well. They don't know how ridiculous they are, but they still make fun of others. They laugh at me, and I laugh at them even more." "Yes, yes, these people are even more ridiculous. I saw one of them walking around the wooden building in a girl's skirt yesterday. It's so ugly that I can't look at it." Ran Sheng stared and said, "Why didn't Brother Lai De ask me to come and see such a strange thing?" Chen Caozhi smiled and thought, is the beginning of the metaphysical master He Yan likes to wear a woman's skirt, walk by himself, powder incense, narcissism to the extreme, fortunately the cremation of the Eastern Jin Dynasty has such a hobby, after all, is a very small number, otherwise such a cremation identity is really not worth pursuing. Xu Zao and his son stood in front of the thatched cottage and watched Chen Caozhi running over from a distance. Xu Zao said to his son, "Caozhi is a man of great ambition. He has read many people for his father. Chen Caozhi is the only one. In the past, when Tao Kan, the first person from a poor family, was the governor of Guangzhou, he had nothing to do. Every morning he moved a hundred big urns outdoors with his own hands and moved them back at dusk. People asked him why."? The answer was, 'If I want to devote myself to the Central Plains, I will be too leisurely, and I am afraid I will not be able to bear the fatigue in the future.' Cao Cao's future achievements may not be inferior to Tao Kan's. Chen Caozhi ran over to greet Xu Zao. Xu Zao said with a smile, "Caozhi knows how to keep fit. It's very good." Then he said to his son Xu Miao, "In the future, you will also walk vigorously with Cao Zhi to strengthen your body. You can't run a lap in this small mirror lake, but you can also run half a lap." "Yes," said Xu Miao with a bow. After breakfast, Liu Shangzhi came from the city, his luggage was loaded on the oxcart, and Alin was carrying a load of kitchen utensils, wine, meat and so on. Today is off school day, Xu Miao, Chen Caozhi then to Xu Zao request to help Liu Shangzhi settlement, Xu Zao promised. Liu Shangzhi, Chen Caozhi, Xu Miao, and others arrived at the small house in Taoyuan yesterday. The old farmer had been waiting for a long time. He helped Liu Shangzhi unload his luggage from the oxcart and told him not to move the utensils in the house. He must take care of the reed mats. Liu Shangzhi was impatient and said, "Laozhang is so wordy. I'll compensate you for the damage of the utensils. Well, go quickly. Don't bother us." As soon as they entered the thatched cottage, they saw that the windows were bright and clean, the floor was covered with thick wooden boards, the reed mats on them were beautifully patterned, and the other four thatched cottages were spotless, apparently being cleaned up every day. Liu Shangzhi said with a smile, "Very good, very good. You don't need Gillian to clean it up. You can move here. It's worth the money." The three of them sat down in the thatched cottage in the middle of the room. A Lin and a Jiao came up with warm wine. The three of them talked about some casual anecdotes, which was very pleasant. Suddenly, the old farmer came sweating profusely. He said hurriedly, "It's a disaster. It's a disaster. The crazy husband is coming. You should move out quickly. Hurry up, or the old man will suffer." Liu Shangzhi was in high spirits. "I paid the rent yesterday," he said angrily. "How can I go back on my word?" The old man was so anxious that he bowed to Liu Shangzhi again and again,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, saying that one thousand and six hundred words would be returned later, and that he dared not lose a word. Now he only asked a few people and things to leave here quickly. Liu Shangzhi was so angry that he sat still and said, "I don't care if you are a fool or a fool. I'll settle down in this thatched cottage." Volume I Xuanxin Chapter 43 Sanjue. sxthsteel.com