Long live the call

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watching birds and animals coming and going, watching all kinds of complex and incomparable life,

“……” Yue Bing is also very big sweat, this elder brother everything is good, is the look in the eyes is not very good, how hasn't he recognized Yi Nan elder sister is the girl? When Yueyang walked away with Grey Wolf, Yinan sighed: "Yue Bing, your brother is really a big fool!" Yue Bing nodded in agreement: "Inan sister, there is no way, my brother in the house for too long!" " They do not know, in fact, Yueyang students are deliberately like this, no matter how, he is pretending not to recognize Yinan, otherwise, how could she let him put his arm around her shoulder like this? Men and women are different, once the veil of mystery is unveiled, Yueyang usually wants to touch and take advantage of a little, it is estimated that it will be difficult. Now this is pretty good, want to hug, want to hug, want to touch. Passing through the Blackstone Maze for the first time, Yueyang, who owns the Golden Mouse, took only six hours to complete the journey that others needed at least three days. This time again, he can easily move forward without looking for the golden mouse. Galloping forward at full speed, three hours, Yueyang arrived at the ancient oak tree. He did not immediately go to the Blood Water Magic Ze to kill the Hydra,stainless steel edge trim, but climbed to the tree to rest first, with the help of the spirit of the ancient oak tree, to improve himself first, so that he can reach the best peak state. To go to Bloodwater is not to kill a nine-headed monster, but to capture a nine-headed monster hatchling and exchange it for the fruit of wisdom and the glowing branch of the tree of life. This difficulty, even Yueyang, which has reached the innate state, is also a headache. Nine-headed monster is not an ordinary monster, as long as it is an adult body,stainless steel tile edge trim, the lowest is the Warcraft above bronze level 7, plus its huge size, fierce toxin, nine heads take turns to attack, people can not resist! If there is no law in this black stone labyrinth, Yueyang, who has the innate invisible sword spirit, does not need to be so nervous. But in the star field, Yueyang can only protect itself, can not attack. It is not realistic or wise to use Xiao Wenli, the shadow of the bull and Grey Wolf to kill the whole family of the nine-headed monster and then capture the young body of the nine-headed monster. Therefore, we must come up with a good way to capture a nine-headed monster hatchling alive, but also to escape unharmed. Long before coming to the Blackstone Maze, Yueyang had thought of a good idea. However, it is extremely dangerous. If you are not careful, you may lose your life. This method is to use the teleportation scroll to lure a nine-headed monster cub out of the mill, and then use the teleportation scroll. If the teleportation is successful, the Hydra will return with him to the teleportation position set secretly before the warrior guild or during the conquest of the Demon Deep. Back to the warrior guild before, metal trim manufacturers ,aluminum tile edge trim, although you can personally use force, but it is very easy to expose their identity as a congenital strong, perhaps there will be greedy mercenary warrior robbery. If someone is killed or injured in the riot, the ancient law is likely to put this account on its own head. If the ancient law believes that the casualties in the whole process are caused by itself, it is very likely that it will be punished by the ancient law like Ying Shiming and explode to death! This ancient law oneself do not understand at all, in case it is a dead brain, who causes the murder will be responsible for, then oneself will be miserable! The second possibility is to transport to the ancient martial arts field of the magic abyss. There, there are probably hundreds of thousands of devils, waiting for the opportunity to attack the Dragon Continent or the Tower of Babel at any time, once they send in, I believe they will be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of devils inhumanely. "I will succeed, I will succeed!" Yueyang encouraged himself from the bottom of his heart. Since he is a man, he should be fearless and go forward bravely. Yueyang would rather choose the magic abyss than the ancient laws that he did not understand and could not control, even in the face of hundreds of thousands of devils, than die helplessly! At least, in the magic deep, they can also use both hands to fight their way out! It has the invisible sword spirit of the congenitally broken body, two summoning treasure books, the snake demon Lolita and the shadow of the bull, the mysterious metal beast and the gold thorn flower, and even the golden rat and Grey Wolf. Will the journey of the magic abyss really be a road of no return? Nope! Yueyang has confidence in himself, as long as he does not meet the strong enemy of the Demon King level, even if there is a Demon General in the car war, he is not afraid! Leave the shadow of the oak tree and look at the stars in the sky. Yueyang felt so close to the sky at this time that it seemed that he could pick up the stars as soon as he reached out. Look again, the feeling is so far away, a little bit of faint starlight, I do not know how many tens of millions of light years came. The universe, containing heaven and earth, containing all things, everything, is really too mysterious! When the heart naturally glowed with this exclamation, Yueyang suddenly found that his spirit had entered a very strange and wonderful state, as if his heart had become extremely open, infinitely expanded, and extended to the farthest part of the world. The body gradually disappeared, leaving only the soul, flying freely in the sky, constantly expanding, like a giant overlooking the world thousands of rivers and mountains. Like the Creator, he looks down at all things on the earth, watching flowers and trees dancing in the wind, watching birds and animals coming and going, watching all kinds of complex and incomparable life, forming a wonderful and incomparable biological circle, circulating constantly! Yueyang felt that after passing through this wonderful scenery of nature, he seemed to have penetrated into some indescribable mystery. But more, it's confusion. He found that the more he knew, the more he could find that what he knew was just a drop in the ocean. And compared to the natural force of all things in the world, the original seems to be very strong, it seems to be such a small existence. Compared with the whole universe, I am just a small molecule on tens of millions of planets, just like a drop of water in the sea, nothing! A light of wisdom rises from the soul. In an instant, something is formed in the body, like energy condensed into a ball, but it is different from the innate sword Qi. When the ancient oak tree,tile trim manufacturers, sending out bursts of light green glow, echoed with the ball of energy condensed in Yueyang's body, Yueyang realized that he had understood the "natural heart" that had been unable to touch before. The innate strong person in the world must be the one who is most compatible with the nature of heaven and earth. Because only by controlling heaven and earth can we control everything! Understanding the heart of nature is equivalent to opening a door for Yueyang on the innate road. This is also a sign of a realm. jecatrims.com