Living and Working in Thailand

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Country Information

Thailand draws more visitor than any other country in South East Asia. This country is well known in Western countries because of its unique tradition and culture. Tourism plays a major role in country's business. Every year, thousands of 고객센터 foreigners came to visit this country.

Thailand is quiet a large country that is similar to the United Kingdom, bordering Cambodia and Laos to the east, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand to the south, and the Andaman sea and Myanmar to the west.

Thailand Fast Fact

· Capital: Bangkok

· Major Language: Thai

· Major Religion: Buddhism

· Population: 65,444,371(July 2005 est.)

· Area: 513,000 km

· Currency: Baht

· Time Zone: UTC + 7

· Internet TLD: .th

· Calling Code: +66

Thailand is the 49th largest country and it is home to a distinct geographic. If you will go to the north, you will see that it is a mountainous area: Doi Inthanon, the highest point with 8,451 feet. The center of the country is dominated by Chao Phraya River which runs to the Gulf of Thailand. The south consists of a narrow land bridge, known as Kra Isthmus that connects to the Malaysian Peninsula.

Thailand's climate is tropical. high in temperature and humidity, and dominated by moonsoon. April and May are the hottest months, but June is the beginning of rainy season and it usually ends in the month of October. From November until the end of February, the climate is cool especially in Northern Thailand.

The year of 1997 was the time when Thailand's economy collapsed. Baht currency reached it's lowest point of 56 from 25 against the US Dollar. Many foreign investors closed it's door, resulting for many Thai people to lose their jobs. Banks were bankrupt. Stocks and prices fell dramatically. After PM Thaksin Shinawatra won the 2001 election, there was a rapid growth in the country's economy. He implemented various domestic programs known as Thaksinomics. Foreign investors open it's door again for business, and tourism industry was in its peak.Thailands natural resources like tin,rubber,timber etc, also helps and contributes to the country's economy's GDP.

Thailand is a Buddhist country. According to the latest census, more than 95% of Thais are Buddhist. Islam is also the second largest religion in the country. You can see lots of Muslims in the south of Thailand, particularly in Yala,Pattani, and Narathiwat. There are also some Christians, but it only represents a few percent of the population.