Old school RuneScape: a completely unbiased view

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I picked this game up about two years ago now, and I've played almost every single day since then, and never letting it go. Yet I'm always wondering Why do I even play? The skilling is truly mindless. The bosses are interesting but everything becomes dull after you've beaten it RuneScape Gold multiple times, and even hundreds or thousands. This is the only way to complete your collections or obtain drops.

To be brutally sincere, I believe OSRS offers the most close thing to pure substance abuse that I've ever encountered in a game. The feeling of advancing as well as acquiring items that are valuable as you see your rank rise up on the hiscore... the game is pure serotonin with none of the frustrations other games force you through since it's just clicking.

I'd like to be able to rank for every boss, the top 1000 in clues, collecting every pet and many other ambitious objectives... However, when I meet the rare player that has actually undertaken these tasks that I don't feel anything. I'm not impressed, nor am I sad or even pathetic. I don't care. And no one else will care about my achievements either.

Altogether, I wish I had won my quest cape and left the quest behind around 1.5 years ago now. It's a bit long But your informative comments here has made everything come to me. Whatever causes you problems in your condition I'm sure things will improve for you.

I was thinking about this because the people on the subreddit have often talked about the importance of setting goals and achieving it is so rewarding. Then I thought about myself achieving the goal and contemplated what I would feel about what I should do next. It was really empty, like, I've accomplished this, but to what purpose? The outcome doesn't offer me anything and the way towards it wasn't that fun either.

I like achieving goals, but I'd like them to at least have some use that osrs cheap accounts can be used for learning, like online learning, or having the way towards them enjoyable. I'm currently playing an extremely challenging Quake mod where I probably die 20 times per stage, which is a in itself because I must improve my skills at the game and am in many different scenarios.