What Do Cards Do In Lost Ark?

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that'll aid in the battle. If you're able to build a good deck of cards to match each character's building early on in the game it will allow you to advance through the game at an even faster rate.

The game Lost Ark, there is an extremely complex Cards system that directly connects with Buy Lost Ark Gold the character's progress.

Designing a top-quality Card deck is a crucial yet often neglected aspect that is often overlooked in Lost Ark. Designing a great deck for your character will provide the player with fantastic bonus stats and buffs that'll aid in the battle.

If you're able to build a good deck of cards to match each character's building early on in the game it will allow you to advance through the game at an even faster rate.


Your character is given their own set of cards to load. Also, for each person, you're able to build a unique Card Deck by using the various cards you've acquired while playing through the game.

There are different kinds of cards to play the game. Each Card Set provides a distinct list of permanent stat bonus and buffs for your character once equipped.

However, a crucial thing to note is that you cannot just put every card you'd like into your deck and then give the desired boosts. In order to make your deck more effective, you must first master how to make card sets for you Card Deck.How to build Card Sets.

The first thing to know is that a card of a character's Deck could hold six different cards at the same time. So you can swap them out at any time you wish.

The cards in the game are set in. When you're building your deck with a lot of cards, the greater number you have in the set the more bonuses and buffs you'll receive from the set.

This implies that using random cards from different sets will be significantly less effective than using cards from the same set.

This, however, does not mean that all 6 cards have to belong to the identical set. You may use as little as two or as many as 6 cards of the same set. The type of cards you choose to use is entirely dependent on what kinds of bonuses and effects you'd like for your character.

When you're putting cards in your deck, be sure you click"Set Effect Details" when you're putting them into your deck "Set Results Details" option on the top of the set of cards in order to view the bonuses the set gives you. This will let you decide the card Sets you'd like in your deck.

How to Get New Cards

In Lost Ark, obtaining cards is quite simple to do. This is because cards can be obtained as collectibles during almost every single game play.

This can include missions that include dungeons vendors as well as other. As you play it, you'll get a number of cards and you won't even have to try to.

If you're looking to accumulate the most cards you can take the time to complete the weekly and daily missions. Then, you can conquer all dungeons and raids you can to rack up a large amount of cards.

Raids can be a fantastic way to begin your quest to obtain cards. The reason for this is Guardian bosses in raids have the possibility of dropping a self-titled Legendary Card.

Legendary Cards are one of the rarest cards that you can find and are the best bonuses. So make sure to do every raid you are able to.

How to upgrade cards

Another thing to be noted regarding the Card system of Lost Ark is that each card has the designation of an "Awakening Level" to it, which is indicated by the number of gems visible at the lower right on the back of each card.

A card begins at level 0 . It can progress all the way up to the level 5. It unlocks extra sets of bonuses and effects after the level has been reached.

In order to upgrade a card into the new Awakening Level to upgrade it, you have to do two things. The first is to increase its XP gauge , by feeding it XP cards , or duplicate cards.

You must continue to do that until its XP gauge is full. Once that happens you must feed it more duplicate cards in order to "Awaken" It (push it up until it is at the level you want).

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