The Top 5 Women's SalwarKameez that Every Woman Should Own

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The Top 5 Women's SalwarKameez that Every Woman Should Own


The Anarkali suit is thought to have originated during the Mughal dynasty and was given that name in honour of a well-known courtesan who served in Emperor Akbar's court. A churidar and a dupatta are worn with the long, flowing Anarkali top. High-end fabrics like pure georgette, velvet, brocade, chiffon, and net are used to make anarkalisalwar suits. Additionally, they are created from modest cotton materials that are appropriate for daily wear. For important occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, etc., the vibrantly coloured Anarkali with lovely and intricate designs that incorporate sequins, lace-laden, and decorated elements is appropriate.

Set Churidar

The Hindi word "Churi," which meaning "artificial bangles online," is where the term "Churidar" originates. The name "Churidar" refers to a long, narrow trouser that folds like a bangle at the ankles. Churidar has its roots in the nineteenth century.

A tunic or a churidar can be paired with a dupatta or a kurta. Fabrics including cotton, silk, brocade silk, and georgette are available for churidars. It is one of the most popular styles of clothing worn for both casual and formal occasions. Summer outfits work well with cotton churidars that have straightforward yet appealing designs. Additionally, you may get churidars with decorations that you can wear to weddings and gatherings.

Set in Patiala

The Patiala set takes its name from the Punjabi city of Patiala, where it first appeared. It was the regal attire worn by the Punjabi Kings.

The Patiala salwar suits has a ballooning form that narrows at the bottom and is broad and loose-fitting. The wearing experience is excellent. The Patiala Salwar has developed to be created with modern designs, motifs, embellishments, and embroidery as a result of its rising popularity. Additionally, the Patiala salwar is now being worn with long tops. Thus, the Patiala salwar may be worn for informal occasions, formal occasions, or both.


Compared to all of the aforementioned, the Angrakha is distinct. A churidar, pyjama, or salwar can be worn with this ethnic top's asymmetric opening. It is a common Rajasthani costume. Angrakha comes in two main lengths: the larger knee-length one and the shorter "KamariAngrakha." As designers introduce new advancements, it is now seeing tremendous growth in appeal.

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