University of Milan

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The University of Milan, founded in 1924, is a research-intensive university that offers high-quality teaching at all levels in a wide range of disciplines. Over the years it has succeeded in preserving a skillful blend of tradition and creativity, adapting to the needs of a rapidly evolving society without losing its unique characteristics. The interdisciplinary work of the University and the relationships between the various departments result in a stimulating and diverse selection of undergraduate, professional, doctoral, and specialized courses, with Italian as the primary language of instruction. There is also a wide choice of English language degrees. The University of Milan's wide-ranging academic and research capabilities, as well as its partnerships with the business community, make it an important source of its socio-economic background as one of the best international institutions in terms of scientific productivity. The Università Degli Studi di Milano University of Milan is a non-profit public higher education institution based in the urban setting of Milan, Lombardy (population range 1,000,000-5,000,000). Branch campuses for this company are also located in the following cities: Crema, Edolo, Lodi, Doraza Costa. Università Degli Studi di Milano (UNIMI) is a large (uni rank enrollment limit: over 45,000 students) co-operative Italian higher education institution. Universities and Research in Italy).